CEC's Philosophy Statement

Childbirth Education Center is devoted to preparing women and their partners for the journey through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. Our classes and consultations originate in an instinctive, intuitive, physiologic perspective of birth. Women's bodies are exquisitely perfected for this powerful event. Our aim is to encourage confidence in women regarding their ability to work in tandem with their babies in giving birth and being born. We foster a positive outlook regardless of the actual mode of birth. The strong feeling of empowerment that results carries over into parenting and any other endeavor a woman undertakes.

Our philosophy revolves around three basic tenets: knowledge of birth physiology, freedom of choice, and empowerment of women. The birth of a baby is also the birth of a family, therefore, decision-making regarding pregnancy, birth, and child care rests within the realm of each family. It is the responsibility of parents to search out the best available information to help them make healthy pregnancy, birth, and child-care choices. Ideally, the medical community acts in partnership with the family rather than as executive director. Our aim is to inform couples of the choices they have so they themselves can make decisions appropriate to their own lifestyle and philosophy.

Starting a family involves many choices at each step of the process. Our aim is to support parents' decision-making process with as much unbiased information as possible in a fun, interactive, supportive environment.

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